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In one corner we have the incumbent search engines — the Googles, YouTubes, Yahoos, etc. — and in another corner the massive social networks — the Facebooks, Instas, TikToks, etc. — literally all vying for a piece of the marketplace pie.

The dope idea here is to strategically bypass those two highly competitive and overcrowded arenas and focus strictly on the 3rd corner — email. Inside email is where we have the full attention of the reader, and can leverage their high commercial intent into a positive purchase outcome.

"On average, professionals check their email 15 times per day, or every 37 minutes."

In the same way that the search engines and social networks are building out entire marketplace ecosystems native to their platforms, we can literally capture that same value by instead going super micro and focusing solely on leveraging all the intent that comes inherent to email.

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